December  05, 2016

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                       INDUSTRY LEADERS


'Why is now the time to replace old phone systems with a hosted UC solution?'

The phones and network switches most telecom providers supply are obsolete; four telecom providers in Chicago alone have this issue. Old office phones are expensive to maintain, and in most cases, you can't get replacement parts. They're not designed to meet today's business communications demands, and you're probably paying expensive, per-minute long distance charges. Obsolete switches put your business at risk, because a failure can interrupt your company's Internet and communications. At XTRACOM, we invest in the technologies that provide maximum security, and in multiple data centers to guarantee excellent call quality. We offer a feature-rich solution with no ties to the end-of-useful-life old-world telecom switching platforms. It's a simple solution with a per-seat monthly fee, and no charges for local or long distance calls.

John T. Shave- CEO-Strategist- XTRACOM

John T. Shave- CEO-Strategist- XTRACOM

'What is unified communications and how can it benefit my business'

Unified communications (UC) integrates services such as VoIP, messaging (email, fax and voice), web conferencing, presence information and mobility features. It's actually a set of products that provides a consistent user interface and consistent user experience across multiple devices and media types. Individuals can send a message on one medium and receive the communication on another. Businesses switching to UC reduce their operational costs by a minimum of 50 percent. They also gain new features and the latest models of phones, apps, routers, Wi-Fi access points and more. As a provider of UC, XTRACOM supplies everything so that clients get the latest features with no upfront cash outlay, and with a single payment each month.

'How should you select a UC provider, and what can you expect in the transition?'

Look for one that employs local engineers and customer support, and that has leadership you can trust. Select a company that understands the nuances of your call flows, and takes the time to discuss how you can transition. Confirm that you'll have post-installation engineering and support, since you'll suddenly have many new features at your fingertips. Many providers ship "phones in a box" – a scenario that can lead to a disastrous transition to UC. Find a source that can include the new phones, routers and wireless access points onto a single invoice. A quality provider will offer cloud PBX, broadband and managed Wi-Fi as part of the solution. One-off piecemeal solutions can create stress and challenges for your business. If you select the right UC provider, the transition will be seamless and can take as little as a week.

'What excites you about the future for the UC industry?'

What excites you about the future for the UC industry? Since I got into the field 24 years ago, UC has gone from early adoption to early mainstream. We've just barely tapped the $75 billion shift from outdated telecom technology to cloud-based communications. As a company, we're well-positioned with world-class strategic investors and partners, and dedicated team members. We've invested in the latest technology and have a market-leading product portfolio. We have a fast-growing client list, and we're saving them money every month. In the end, the excitement is in the execution, and taking care of the client.