Termination Services

As a service provider, you know that delivering the best calling experience is critical to customer retention.

XTRACOM'stermination services ensure seamless, high-quality delivery of your customers’ voice traffic through interconnections with leading regional and international partners at our points of presence across four continents. Whether you are looking for domestic, international, or 8YY SIP termination, we provide it all.

With termination services from XTRACOM, you can take advantage of pricing that is customized to fit your unique requirements, with options that include flat rates, dedicated conferencing, and international A-to-Z termination. Rate decks are made available via our Least Cost Routing platform, which is backed by redundant network delivery, enabling you to lower costs, without sacrificing quality. We also make terminating toll free traffic hassle-free, with commission-based, toll free VoIP termination rates.

Additional Offerings