Transportation Hub

People on the move expect to stay connected. Travelers are using their smartphones to access real-time travel updates and utilize WiFi-enabled mobile applications while waiting in line for trains, buses, subways, and airplanes. Transportation hubs must meet these growing expectations without adding unexpected or unplanned expects associated with deploying a robust WiFi network.

XTRACOM will design your solution to Leverage Ruckus Location-Based Services to Enrich the Traveler Experience.

Deployed on top of Ruckus WLAN infrastructure, the Ruckus Location-Based Services (LBS) Solution is easy to use and scalable to meet your growing business needs. Smart Positioning Technology (SPoT) allows clients to view the customer footprint and repeat visitor trends to optimize the layout of your stations. Now transportation hubs can monetize their WiFi network by engaging travelers with targeted promotions and advertisements for kiosks and restaurants sent directly to their mobile devices.



Transportation hubs need to deliver a robust wireless solution that meets their growing business needs The SmartZone Platform provides carrier-class performance, form factor flexibility, and deployment options that enable the wireless network to expand and adapt to meet growing expectations.

Take advantage
of Industry
Leading Technology

Deploy a future-ready network with the Ruckus ZoneFlex R710, the industry’s first Wave 2 access point (AP). With MU-MIMO, the R710 delivers increased device density and WiFi monetization opportunities with Internet of Things (IoT) technologies that encourage new business models.