Wholesale Services

As a wholesale service provider, your needs are unique,and so are your customers.

How will you ensure you meet their evolving requirements for diverse, innovative and cost-effective services worldwide?

XTRACOM provides the reach, relationships, and turnkey voice and data solutions that provide you with a competitive advantage. Our difference is our ability to deliver these capabilities simply, via one contract, invoice, and account team.

Leverage our global voice network with interconnections to over 200 global carrier partners to access services that range from Unified Communications, to voice termination and origination, to global network solutions.

Voice Services

We help you meet all of your voice and Unified Communications requirements, providing a broad range of voice services.

Take advantage of our origination services, which include DIDs, ITFS, and UIFNs, and one of the broadest global telephony footprints of any single service provider. Our termination services ensure high quality delivery of your customers’ voice traffic and an optimal end user experience.


Data services

We offer a full suite of data services, including Ethernet, MPLS and Internet services, as well as Managed Network Services. We integrate our own infrastructure with the capabilities of our global suppliers to increase your network reach beyond the coverage of any single carrier.


Additional Offerings